June Monthly: Foxy Fix TN

I recently received an order from Brooke Evah Prints that included a monthly calendar for my pocket tn. I’ve been wanting to pick back up with decorating and actually using my pocket planner because I love it so much so decided this would be the perfect time. Here’s my June monthly spread.

My spread is pretty simple. Pocket tn’s aren’t the biggest planners in the world and I didn’t want it to get too crowded to where I didn’t even understand it. I placed washy tape on the boxes that would be empty for the month.

On the side bar, I made a key for the different types of reminders I wrote in such as orange for appointments, pink for school, blue for events, etc. Below that I placed a sticker from a sticker book I got at Michaels that says “live life happy”. Below that I placed a camerawomen sticker and a couple sticker that I purchased from Sweet Little Panda Designs, currently on hiatus unfortunately. My birthday is on the 26th and my boyfriend is flying in for a week to celebrate with me and to come to Electric Forest with me, the reason for those two stickers.

On the bottom bar, I just write a couple of tasks that I would like to get started on this month just so I don’t forget I will need to do these things as soon as possible. And, that’s about it for this monthly spread. Like I said before, it’s simple but I hope it inspired some of your own monthly tn pocket planning!


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